Speaking Sunday, May 9th, in Amsterdam

Sorry, I’m really shit about short-notice posts about events I’m doing. Tomorrow night I’m speaking at the MKZ about anarchism in the United States. It’s at 20:00, and it’s free. I might even have visual aids, but I’m not certain about that yet. This was a special request from friends here in Amsterdam that I speak on this subject, and I hope to do justice to the actually really vibrant and diverse scene that I hail from.

3 thoughts on “Speaking Sunday, May 9th, in Amsterdam”

  1. hey magpie,

    it was lovely talking to you after the talk at the mkz about diversity and anarchist cultures. our conversation helped me to clear up a confusion that i had about the issue. hope all is well in germany and good luck!


  2. Kyla: Hrmm… I was a bit all over the place. I talked some about the kinds of actions that anarchists have been doing for the past year or so, including the may day riots, the anti-police-brutality stuff going on in the northwest, and others. I talked about how everyone in the US is using “greece” to justify either action or inaction. About how anarchists work in larger coalitions, particularly about the environmentalists, anti-MTR and LNG (since this is the range of my experience, mostly). I talked about anarchist culture, how freight trains are out and bikes are in, how veganism seems to be on the wane except in holdout cities like Portland, how we’ve moved from Nalgenes to metal water bottles (the important stuff, you know). And also about how what I just described (bikes vs. trains) isn’t really the anarchist culture, but a visible element within it. How crusties seem to be on their way out of the political sphere. About how we hate windows. Probably a lot of other stuff.

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