4 thoughts on “Teeth”

  1. Oh ugh. If you have not had this happen before, I will say that it can take a while before the tooth breaks up enough to really hurt.

    I’ve found that alum (applied with a bit of wet cotton) can do a good job of dulling any exposed nerve pain. I think the science behind it is that the nerve is utterly horrified that you did that and leaves you alone for a while.

  2. I suggest going to a dental school student clinic. They’re cheap or free, and due to the fact that you being a patient is a mutual aid to their being a student, are consistent with ethic of cooperation and interdependence.
    Part of post-civ is making use of the good things that have come from civilization when it can be done harmlessly, like medical techniques, no?

  3. DSD: I generally agree with you, and this is a thing that I would like to do. The biggest problem in the immediate sense is that you (at least in Baltimore, where I’ve looked into it) sign up for a program at the beginning of the semester and then sort of wait around for your turn. And I don’t live in one place. But I guess I will, in a little bit, for the sake of my teeth.

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