Protesting Sea Lion Slaughter at Bonneville Dam

In what is essentially a textbook case of scapegoating, Fish & Wildlife have begun this years round of sea lion killing. For background about the whole thing, there’s an ORC article from two years ago that sums up the problem (the short version is: there’s a dam in the river that kills salmon, and the fish pool up at the base of it, so sea lions hang out at the base to hunt, but people get upset because they want to raise fishing quotas and can’t because the sea lions are eating some tiny percentage of the fish). Anyhow, In Defense of Animals set up a protest the day after the first killing of the season. We drove up to Bonneville Dam and had ourselves a little media spectacle of a protest. What matters, though, is a continued presence, to let people know that yes, folks are watching this despicable act.

I also got to see a fish ladder in person, and see some awesomely pretty fish. More pictures after the break.

above: the sea lion traps

5 thoughts on “Protesting Sea Lion Slaughter at Bonneville Dam”

  1. Thanks for joining the protest and for providing the beautiful photos. My heart bleeds for the sea lions and for the planet. When will humans get a clue? I guess when global warming kicks our ass. I hate to see our greed and predatory nature slaughter every innocent living creature in sight.

  2. Thanks for doing this necessary work to help save the seals. How can we find out when the next demonstration will be. Can you put the time and date on the Indy Media Calendar. I’m making T Shirts with magnificent looking seals on them to distribute to activists and others to raise awareness about protecting marine mammals. Many marine mammals have larger cerebrums than humans, and are thought to be highly contemplative and intelligent. y the way, you’re KBOO interview was excellent.
    I’m in the Gorge a lot and I’m giving the T shirts away free to anyone who wants to wear them.

  3. Julie: Hey, I appreciate that you’re doing work as well, but I’m afraid you might have me mistaken for someone else? I wasn’t interviewed on KBOO. I’m also not one of the organizers of these things. Your best bet might be to stop by the IDA office on Alberta, or just check portland indymedia… I believe, although it was short notice, that they posted about the protest.

  4. Hi I think you guys are doing such a good thing! I just left Oregon for college but I still would love to help out. Is there anything I could do to help stop this/ when is the next protest?

  5. Hey Chloe, I’m not too certain myself: I’m not in Oregon at the moment either. Probably the best resource I can think of off the top of my head is, and I’m sure that In Defense of Animals would have information as well.

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