NC Rising

This weekend I attended what might have been the best anarchist conference I’ve been to. If nothing, else, NC Rising was more encouraging and inspiring than anything I’ve attended in a good long time. The workshops were good, but by far the best thing about it was to see anarchists and anti-authoritarians of all stripes networking together with only the slightest bit of shit-talking. So good!

I got to see The Chicago Conspiracy, a new documentary about the ongoing revolt in Chile. It’s a remarkable piece of work; well-made and engaging. It shows the viewer why people are fighting from a more personal position than simply explaining that the government is bad.

3 thoughts on “NC Rising”

  1. hey i googled NC rising infoshop and came across your blog. It was rad meeting you this weekend and thinking up words that started with all letters except “C”. Perhaps our paths will cross again soon?

  2. wow, i feel like we went to a different conference. i would say that it was one of the least enjoyable conferences that i’ve been to, and one of the most shit-talk-filled. i guess i was just hanging out with the grumpy assholes?

  3. Huh. Yeah, I guess it’s all in who you hang out with. I’d just come from the SF anarchist bookfair, with militant pieing of a speaker and a street march that was quite ideologically divided. And at NC Rising I just saw lots of people who appeared to be outside the anarchist cool-kid niche.

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