Tour Update #2

Tucson, Arizona: I spoke at what was Dry River‘s first event since running into (and navigating) a bit of a legal mess. The place was packed. Plus, I ate a ton of really cheap awesome burritos, since I was there for three days.

Los Angeles: I’d never been to Los Angeles before, and it’s sort of frightful, I have to admit. But I had a perfect excuse to listen to Black Planet by sisters of mercy (driving down the highway 101, heading for sunset [boulevard]). The weather was eerily warm, but the reception at Book Soup was warm as well, and I met several awesome folks, including the first time I’d met Carissa van den Berk Clark, who is in my book, in person.

Santa Barbara: I met the earth first! roadshow folks in a park in front of city hall, after busking on State street. It was refreshing to do an event outside, and it was creepy to be wearing a tshirt. The EF! folks did an awesome job afterwards of making everyone feel connected, and it was a pretty good place.

Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz is full of shiny people. That is, full of people that I’d known for years but hadn’t seen in equally as long, as well as awesome new folks. Today I saw sea lions and they weren’t even in a prison zoo. The event was at SubRosa infoshop and was coordinated by the talented artist and interesting fellow Wes Modes. Hurrah for anarcho-steampunks!

Right now I’m in San Francisco, getting ready to speak at Modern Times.

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