Comic Sans

What’s amazing how this distills the irrational hatred that lives inside of people. I’m only able to realize this because they use “comic sans” instead of “papyrus.” I’m a bit soft on comic sans, at least in contrast to my all-consuming hatred of the font papyrus.

4 thoughts on “Comic Sans”

  1. I am not in the know on this, but am told that the otherwise popular film Avatar uses Papyrus for some reason, in the title and credits.

    They also have whitey save the aliens, as per normal.

  2. Yeah, we were actually planning on going to see Avatar in 3d a few weeks back, but we decided not to when we found out that the most expensive film of all time used papyrus extensively.

  3. Ugh I hate both of them so much. Sooooo much.

    I think being forced to use Comic Sans on client request was maybe the deciding factor in me NOT becoming a graphic designer.

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