2009 year in review

So… it’s already like a week into 2010, but I figured I’d do that fun year-in-review thing.

  • I released my first book, Mythmakers & Lawbreakers.
  • I released a photo book, Being the Adventures of One Fine Summer.
  • I edited an issue of the Earth First! Journal.
  • I played a bunch of music shows, though I also kind of got sick of what I sing and have been working on changing that.
  • I did a mini speaking tour about MMLB that included Ithaca, Philly, Baltimore, Asheville, and Chapel Hill.
  • I got over massive heartbreak and came out happier than I’ve been in years.
  • I bought a minivan to live and travel in.
  • I learned how to shoot.
  • I started going to goth clubs again, and not just cause I was in the band or roadying.
  • I finished my first novel-length fiction work, which will be released in 2010.
  • Learned the basics of letterpress.
  • probably some other stuff.

year in review? 2009 was awesome. Thanks, world. In 2010 my goals are to: use the computer less (make physical things again, yay!), get out of the country at some point, start a radical goth magazine, and get Colander Press off the ground.

3 thoughts on “2009 year in review”

  1. Hey, I just googled into your site while looking something else up, but I’d totally be interested in contributing to an radical goth magazine in some/various ways. Please let me know how it progresses.

    I grabbed some issues of Steampunk and Steamypunk when I was in Portland for the anarchist bookfari earlier this year. I didn’t get to read them all, as they were for the radical bookshop I volunteered with in vancouver (bc), but yeah, good stuff!

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