NaWoCoMo Results!

I just got the results in from NaWoCoMo (national word count month): over 30 days, I wrote 44,568 words on various writing projects, for an average of 1485.6 words per day. Not bad. It’s no NaNoWriMo win, but it’s awful close. Besides, I finished a novel, got 15k into another one, wrote at least two short stories, and more!

One thought on “NaWoCoMo Results!”

  1. There’s a post up at Feministe on feminist sci-fi and fantasy authors. I alreayd replied to recommend your book (it’s in mod queue), but you might want to check out the (very long) list they’ve come up with. Also, Amazon evidently doesn’t like my MMLB review because they never post it. I’ve tried thrice. =/

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