Mythmakers & Lawbreakers Tour 2010!

Announcing the Mythmakers & Lawbreakers tour! I’ll be doing a strange sort of half-loop of the country, starting in Baltimore and ending up in the Pacific Northwest. Confirmed dates are below:

As you might notice, there’s a big ole gap in there between Texas and Oregon. I’m working on scheduling something in Tucson, but if anyone reading this is somewhere between Tucson and Portland, I’d love to get in touch about setting up an event in your town.

Further, if you live in one of these aforementioned towns, you would become my instant hero if you were to repost or twitter about the event, and even more so if you were to print out the flyers and distribute them!

I’ve been having a great time doing this presentation, and I really think it’s done a good bit for spurring appreciation for fiction in radical scenes, and of informing folks about the radical bias many “mainstream” authors have and had that has been left out of the classroom.

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