Come Hell or High Water

My friends over at AK Press are now taking pre-orders for a book that’s coming out in January, Come Hell or High Water: A Handbook for Collective Process Gone Awry, which I’ve had the pleasure to read because I designed it (and Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness provided the illustrations, including the cover).

This book is really pertinent to pretty much anyone I know in the activist world. It’s short and sweet but somehow horrifyingly comprehensive, covering pretty much every way in which people, knowingly or unknowingly, attempt to subvert the collective process of decision making. I’m guilty of at least a few of the things brought up in this book, and can see how people, guilty of others, have disempowered me in the past. Crazy, crazy stuff.

There’re some parts in the book I’m not as into, mostly when, near the end, they stray from the topic at hand to get into various injustices that can happen in activist circles. But the authors clearly know their shit, and this book is definitely useful. And small and cheap. I’m pretty stoked that AK Press is going for making cheaper books now, and really relevant ones as well. AK Press has posted their introduction over on their blog as well, if you want to read more about it.

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