Running Up That Hill

The best piece of performance art I’ve ever seen—measured by its emotional effect on me—was short and told a story of estranged youth. It began as a blood ritual set to black metal, it ended with one in the other’s arms flying from the stage set to this song. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. (Who, randomly, I first discovered owing to her work on the soundtrack to Brazil).

Today I found the video, and I also found the video for the cover by Placebo. I don’t really know anything about Placebo. And I’m wary of covers of such beautiful, earnest songs. But I like it. And what’s more, I like the video even more. I don’t really care about music videos as a medium, I have to admit. But there’s a really important emotional quality to the video that, well, reflects that the cover artists respect the original. It’s a series of clips of fan-videos, of sad people singing along. And that’s what Running Up That Hill is about. Sad people singing along. Fuck yeah. The cover loses a bit of the “hopeful anyway” that the original has going for it, but I like it.

2 thoughts on “Running Up That Hill”

  1. I bloody love Placebo. Not their latest stuff so much, but their first few albums are great. Let me know if you want to hear any more :)

    Sorry for the lack of response. I’ve not forgotten you. Things have been getting on top of me a bit, and now I’ve just found out that I’ve got the dreaded swine flu. My fault really. I’ve been saying that I want to catch it so that I’m immune when it mutates into some kind of zombie-creating bug that causes the apocalypse.

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