What are you going to be for halloween?

One downside of constantly traveling is that you don’t really have time to get a costume together for halloween. Or at least, I haven’t successfully in the past few years. But then I got to thinking about it. It’s halloween. I’m a goth. I’m allowed to just go as myself. One night a year where that isn’t weird. Might as well just be happy about it. Anyhow, this is my “costume”: more or less the same as usual, only with makeup.

11 thoughts on “What are you going to be for halloween?”

  1. I think you should pack a pair of khakis and a polo shirt and go as a straight for halloween. Probably scare the crap out of people….

  2. The outfit looks good, I like it, although you do appear to be intensely interested in that patch of wall.

    When it comes to even something like fashion human beings can’t agree. In the end dress how you want and then stay away from the endless bitter recriminating arguments.

    So have a nice Halloween and try not to OD on sugar.

  3. Halloween used to be the biggest day of the year for me. I would always go as some sort of bad ass lady (Lucille Ball, Ophelia, Pandora, a b&w silent film actress with every inch of me black, white or gray) and get every detail down. This year, lack of preparation meant pulling things out of the closet in my childhood room before heading to NYC. I ended up in green tights, brown boots, brown shorts, a white Victorian bustier under a green patterned corset and a pair of fairy wings. I realized I was dressed as how I look in my imagination. Sadly, Carharts and flannel are more suited for the W.Va. woods! (actually not sadly, I love comfy work clothes)

  4. I went trick or treating with pip and ceighty for halloween again. Both me and pip wore clothes that we normally wear, she was a wraith and I was a newsie, and ceighty added some armor and a mask and became a goblin warrior. Point is we all looking fucking cool already, so we might as well put together our coolest clothes and enjoy ourselves.

    Also, pip is moving into my house, and I am stoked.

  5. i was a ska kid!
    your dumpster zine is super excellent. it was well enjoyed here as we start to descend into the abject misery of boston winter. i hope all’s well with you, and i’m looking forward to finishing your book as soon as i have time to live again.

    love, fidget.

    p.s. re: the above conversation on looking straight- me and a group of friends totally got detained for two hours before the st. paul rnc for scouting in what we thought were normal people clothes.

  6. I worked at a hipster party dressed as robin hood, and I gotta say that you might favor him more than I do. Though I dare say I have a tendency to look a bit more aristocratic.

    But in the way of seriousness, I am clearly out-done. Just look at that stare!

  7. The problem with living in Asheville is that my weird self still looks like everyday clothes here! I added a top hat, it seemed to work. ;)

  8. I love what you did with your outfit in that photo! this past Halloween, I didn’t do much but carve a pumpkin…
    but I wore some fairy wings I got @ a Renaissance faire a few years ago.
    (idk, I’ve been lost in space lately)
    but I’m working on becoming a professional custom tailor, and I feel inspired by the steampunk movement! also, I am looking for examples of antique console tv’s to repair or build my own if I have to. but I just had to remark on your cosume there, I love it!
    ps.: fidget, do tell me more! what is “st. paul rnc”?

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