Looking for radical goths

update: since this blogpost comes up a lot on google. The project I was speaking of has come into being and has published its first issue. It is called Graceless: A Journal of the Radical Gothic and it is available in pdf and print format.

For a couple of years I’ve been talking about starting a zine that explores radical goth. The other day, I met someone in Asheville who said to me “people said we should talk, since apparently we have a lot in common, people say that we’re both recovering goths.”

“I’m not recovering,” I said. “I’m quite happy about it.”

“Me too,” the other person said.

Anyhow, it goes this way. Goth is looked down upon in mainstream radical circles (that’s right, motherfuckers, I just called you mainstream!). And politics, which used to be a more vibrant part of gothic subculture, seem to be losing their foothold. So, solving all problems through publishing (which doesn’t actually work, but it’s the way my brain seems to be wired), I figure to start a zine/magazine or something by and for us radical goths. And I’m looking for people who are interested. Whether ideas, or contributions. Please don’t just respond in the comments thread with ideas… instead, if any of you are out there, post expressing interest and I’ll email you. Or, if you know me anyhow, get in touch with me.

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  1. Oh, you know I’m down, even if you just need to bounce ideas off of someone else who appreciates swirly dancin’.

    I’ve a friend who just moved here from Denver who says his goth scene is chock full of crustpunx and anarchists. Might be good to pick his brain.

  2. i don’t know about that, according to the latest gothic beauty pittsburgh is well above denver in ‘best goth scenes’… but I’m not going to lie, there be a lot of goths here. I’m not really sure about libby’s enthusiasm for the anarchist/goth crossover but it doesn’t hurt to dream a dream. I definitely have at least one friend that would most likely submit something for it if you’d like…!

  3. Actually I’m a radical English Medievalist (with Steampunk leanings) rather than a Goth, but I have some views on why the Gothic style erupted during an era when ‘mutual aid’ was widely practiced within the confines of walled city states – and the lessons we can learn as latter-day anarchists :-)

    I also want to say that MMLB is one of the best books I’ve read this year – UK Amazon says that they’re awaiting stock, but I recieved my copy within 2 days!

  4. oh how exciting! my friend brought this entry to my attention because i am a radical goth and i am constantly writing. i would love to contribute! it seems a little challenging, too, because my writing style and the way i present things i have written is very different from yours. please let me know your ideas so far.

    enola d!

    p.s. i am from pittsburgh and, though the goth scene there was the only scene i knew existed between ages 15 and 19, i don’t think it’s very good at all!

  5. I’d be down to contribute to an Anarcho-Goth-specific ‘zine entitled “Radical Goth”.I’m looking for new publications to submit my writing to anyway. Might as well be to one that’s a reflection of who I am as a person.

    My only grievance: No contact information for the editor[s] for this future periodical.

    Two last things and I’ll step off:
    *Will “Radical Goth” be a print publication, a web-zine or both? [I’m hoping for print]
    *Enola sent me.

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