Ithaca Is Ogres

I just spent several days up in Ithaca, NY. I went to do a book talk, but stayed for the waterfalls. Well, and the company of course. Seriously, Ithaca is absolutely stunning. The autumn leaves and the fair weather didn’t hurt at all. And guess what, travel kids: they want more travel kids to show up. Well not oogles or scumfucks of course. Nobody wants oogles or scumfucks. But interesting folks interested in neat stuff? Go to Ithaca! Well, I can’t say more than it was nice for the 3 days I was there. But boy howdy, was it pretty. More pictures after the break. [click on pictures for bigger versions]

5 thoughts on “Ithaca Is Ogres”

  1. What wonderful pictures. I’ve considered the FL to NY move a couple of times because of places like this. The scenery and community say, “Come on; it’s great here,” while the winters say, “Don’t even think about it, southern boy.” Sigh.

  2. Yeah, winter is an interesting fellow. But there’s something about the northeast that is like “yeah, we have fucking seasons, you know, with falling leaves in autumn and snow in winter and blooms in springtime and weather worth being outside in in summer.”

    At least, that’s my theory right now.
    None of this evergreen, rain all the time crap. (Actually, I like Cascadia winters too, I guess)

  3. shit, this looks like the stuff of my dreams. I’ve been halfheartedly considering moving to Albany–maybe I should daydream about Ithaca instead.

  4. The first 8 (the nighttime ones) are from First Dam along 6 Mile Creek.

    The color photos are from all along the Fall Creek from under the Cornell Footbridge to the bridge at Lake Street. The tunnel and broken dam are underneath the Steward Avenue Bridge.


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