Police State in Pittsburgh

Last night was… was something. Nobody rioted but the police, but they had a field day, with thousands of officers firing all sorts of weapons and setting up concentric rings of riot police, ordering dispersal but, by and by, not allowing it. All on a college campus, where thousands of students live… there was no attempt made to distinguish protesters from non-protesters, either. The irony? The whole thing happened at an anti-police-brutality rally that some students had organized. Note that some of the footage in the video above is actually from the day before yesterday, including the military-fatigued fellows throwing a person into an unmarked car.
In answer to the question posed by the video, “Does this look like America to you?” I have gotta say “yes.” This isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed this sort of crap, and it certainly isn’t the first time it’s happened in America. Cops are people too… that’s the problem. When you empower a group of people with absolute power (as police have in America), they will get emotional. In this case, they got, well… I think they were seeking revenge, or a reassertion of power, after how successful the protests of the past few days had been.

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