More Evidence That Mainstream Right-Wingers Are Morons

Alright, the really shitty news first. A transgendered anarchist woman was arrested last night, being accused of breaking out Democratic office windows. Why someone could possibly be angry at the democrats is, of course, completely beyond me. After all, they stopped the war in Iraq, ended corporate globilization, have moved swiftly to end fossil fuel use and minimize consumption… oh wait, no, of course not. And they never will. “Gee, I think the puppet on the left shares my beliefs,” “Well I like the puppet on the right.”

Anyhow, this is bad news, because since we live in an illusion of a lawful society (essentially, an anarchism in which the biggest gang has taken over and is enforcing their will through force and trauma), trans people are treated really shitty in prison and jail, at least as much by guards and police as by fellow inmates. Whether or not you support the action Ariel is being accused of, please help get her out of jail. We need to help raise bond ASAP.

The right-wing blogosphere is all over this thing. From calling her a dude, to obssesively researching her and drawing false conclusions, to claiming that Ariel supports the policies she is being accused of attacking, or outright declaring her a democrat, right-wingers are completely ignorant of the clear fact that Ariel is an anarchist (they even link to and articles about her, but haven’t figured it out yet). Anarchist is not some extreme version of liberal, or progressive, or (shudder) democrat. These bloggers are doing all the wrong research, just looking for facts to support their “democrats did this to themselves to make us look bad” theory.

To be fair, I’m sure that they aren’t alone in this moronic faux journalism.

Don’t you get it? Democrats aren’t against the government of the United States. Anarchists are. We’re the “crazy anti-american homosexual pinkos” that you’ve been looking to demonize.

11 thoughts on “More Evidence That Mainstream Right-Wingers Are Morons”

  1. Why wouldn’t they identify “her” as a male? Isn’t what “he” wants?

    And if he/she/it is getting money from the Democrat party, that makes he/she a Democrat, just as being directed to do this by CCC, alias SEIU, alias ACORN, makes him/her an Obama operative.

  2. I know what transgendered means, thanks.

    The point you’re missing is that you’re calling the right wing bloggers ‘morons’ for not knowing that Mr. Schwenkler considers himself trangendered, when there were absolutely no published reports at the time of him being so….facts not in evidence and all that. All anyone saw was a rather effeminate looking person identified by the police as a male named Maurice.

    Granted, we’re certainly pretty impressive over here on the right, but we haven’t yet mastered the art of mind reading.


  3. Actually, I called mainstream right-wing bloggers morons for a -number- of reasons, only one of which is misidentifying Ariel’s gender. And a number of the sites I’ve referenced seem perfectly aware that she is trans. Others jump up and down to point out how weird it is that she doesn’t look like a man. (Imagine that! How queer!)

  4. and “democrats are fascists” (you won’t find my disagreeing too heartily with your name, except that implies that other statists are not), I let your comment up here because, well, it’s hilarious and proves my point. You actually think the democratic party was behind this? You think all the crazy punks are part of some conspiracy in league with the fucking President?

  5. I see no evidence in any of the articles you linked above that the authors were aware of Mr. Scwenkler’s gender status. I dunno, maybe I missed it.

    You do have a valid point though about the comments made about Mr Schwenkler’s appearance which, admittedly, seems to have caught several people off guard. However, you still seem to think that people should have ‘gotten’ that he is transgendered based solely upon the information presented at the time, a position that I consider to be unreasonable. There was simply no way for anyone to have known.

    Maybe it’s time for Mr. Schwenkler to consider a legal change of name. I think you might agree that if the Denver Post article or any other news reports had said “Ariel” instead of “Maurice”, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion.


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