Farewell to Tucson – Cascadia in Arizona

I’ve been cooped up in the EF! Journal house for two months, but I finally got to head out to the mountains, right before I leave town. Always is that way… I don’t really like a place till I’m leaving, it seems. We drove up the top of Mt. Lemmon and went for a hike. Through Douglas fir, some of it even old-growth. Even the burns looked like Cascadia to me. It’s amazing, this sky island. We went up the fire-watch tower (which is actually a shack on a rock outcropping) and sat about and marveled, as one ought. Then, on the way home, we got to see the sunset through distant storms. It might be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. More photos after the break.

(click on pictures for slightly larger versions).

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