Woke up this morning to a goat bleating

I just moved to Tucson, Arizona in time for monsoon season (and the two hottest months of the year!). Anyhow, the house I moved into has two goats in a pen in the yard. This morning, at 5am, one of them ate through the fence or something. I’ve decided to name him Papillon. So he was running through the yard like it was a racetrack, back and forth. The neighbors dog was barking, the goat was bleating… look, I’m not used to being around a lot of goats. It was a bit strange.

So I went outside, barefoot, and avoided stepping in goat poo the best I could. The goat ran into the house when the door was open. I decided I was grumpy enough to take pictures of it without asking permission. Morning light is awful pretty, I gotta say. Here’s pictures of Papillon being driven out of the house, through the yard, and into his or her pen.

6 thoughts on “Woke up this morning to a goat bleating”

  1. Re: teh Tuscon move, y? U git a sw33t lucrative gig (with goat perkz!) doing Forest Deathfense tehre?

  2. You should record teh bleat and turnz it into a siqqq t3chno remixxx! Make a darkened battlol track warning all st8iztz (and pacifists, to continue an earlier feud taht j00 started) taht teh goat legion cummeth for their fleshes…

  3. You’ve moved to Arizona? That’s upsetting, since I was going to move to Asheville soon and was hoping to meet you one day.

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