SteamPunk Magazine #5!

So about six months ago, I stepped down as editor of SteamPunk Magazine, and my friend Allegra Hawksmoor stepped up. I’d left her with a big jumbled mess of contributions and such, but she got everything organized and has put out a fabulous issue of SteamPunk Magazine, Issue #5. It’s got all kinds of fun stuff, include DIY casting and DIY welding, a fiction story that explores the use of “they” as a singular pronoun (sure to cause some controversy), and wonderful essays, etc. Plus, you can continue to read John Reppion‘s Doppler and the Madness Engine. I’m happy to say that I’ve stayed on as layout editor, which was probably my favorite part of the whole thing. So yeah, you can download it for free, or of course you can buy it.

2 thoughts on “SteamPunk Magazine #5!”

  1. I have to say it is a damned fine issue!
    Allegra picked it up and ran with it, and the layout was excellent as awlays.
    BTW, you do the layout on a Mac, or what? Just curious…

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty hooked on the Mac thing. I don’t see myself ever returning to windows… if I moved, it would be open source. But I’m pretty in love with InDesign, honestly.

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