Intellectual Property Is Theft! (and the NYC anarchist bookfair)

I’ll be tabling at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair next Saturday (April 11th), with Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness, and possibly also with some stuff from Eberhardt Press. As per usual, almost everything Strangers tables is free, like beer and like liberty.

I’ll be running a workshop, too, at 4:30, called “Intellectual Property Is Theft”, based a bit on that zine that we put out, Intellectual Property Is Theft. I’ll go over some of the basics of copyright and alternative licenses, plus promote Creative Commons as the greatest thing since dumpstered bread.

Anyone in NY or the outlying areas, you should really think about coming to the bookfair. Sure, all the tabling is usually pretty commercial, but, well, it’s a great way to spread ideas and also there are plenty of workshops, plus it’s a great chance to hang out.

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