In case you started to think any of this mattered

A while back we learned that it is mathematically probable that we are just a simulation.

Today I found out that we might be living in a hologram, basically our world acting as a reflection of something that is happening at the far edges of the universe.

And of course, last year scientists ruled out the slim hope that the earth would escape destruction when the sun dies.

Drink and be merry? Rage, rage, at the dying of the light? Actually, I suppose none of this changes anything. Who cares if we’re all 1’s and 0’s?

3 thoughts on “In case you started to think any of this mattered”

  1. Well said. Our origin has always been quite dubious; finding another layer of existance is exciting as the chase for knowledge continues, but in the end my ego and memory still exists and I still have my day-to-day experiences.

  2. Molly: I don’t think it actually changes anything, which is sort of what’s interesting about it. I think it’s nice to introduce a sort of sense of humility to the whole thing, by looking at the much, much bigger picture. Hell, maybe it encourages that individualist anarchist (anti-capitalist objectivist?) aspect of my personality… sure, the sun is going to eat the earth. Sure, maybe the forests are just 1’s and 0’s somewhere. But dammit, I like the forest a hell of a lot more than I like shopping malls and I’m still going to fight for there to be more of the former and less of the latter.

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