Skinning a Mouse on Thursday

It was raining today, so I didn’t really feel like going anywhere. Fortunately, my friend decided to skin the mouse that the cat had killed. I took pictures of the process. Note that these pictures are not for the squeemish, like me.

Here’s the mouse that the cat killed. It’s real, real small. Been dead for maybe 2 days? Not sure.

Here is my friend using a boxcutter to make the first slit, from anus to throat up the belly, more or less.

Here’s the mouse with it’s insides peeking out.

Then my friend peeled off the skin, very carefully, since the skin is really quite thin.

This is hard to see, but next my friend pulled the meat of the legs out of the skin of the legs, like it was a sleeve.

It was seriously gross.

Then the head was pulled out of the skin. wtf, I said, omg.

Here’s a picture of the inside of a mouse without the skin. Note that one of the eyeballs fell out.

Then my friend scraped all the extra flesh off of the skin.

Next my friend cracked open the skull to retrieve the brain.

Then the brains were smeared into the skin, to serve as a tanning agent.

It isn’t really done yet, since it has to be stretched and dried or something, but yeah, here’s the result of today’s work.

11 thoughts on “Skinning a Mouse on Thursday”

  1. I was just explaining brain tanning to Kat today. Odd that the subject should come up once in one day.

    Git out of my brain.

  2. I thought you were squeamish about these things, Magpie. I just skinned my second roadkill squirrel this week, which is minuscule in its own right. Skinning a mouse is hilariously impressive. well done.

  3. This is icky intruiging. Makes me want to try – save I don’t have a cat and and the closest I get to roadkill is seeing it as I zoom down the motorway.

    1. Oh wow, as I write this I realize that this comment is from 10 years ago, but if you ever see this and you still wanna try it, you can always buy the frozen feeder mice that people feed to reptiles from pet stores

  4. I tried skinning a mouse today and it worked reasonably well, ure not supposed to puncture the abdomen so the guts don come out until u pull the rear end off

  5. thanks for the pics! i caught a mouse in a trap last night and wanted to skin it but didn’t know how. just finished – it was a big help!

  6. I appreciate your efforts in this presentation, however a bit more text to go along with the process would be helpful. Like where to grasp the cridder to pull the skin off, and do you cut the feet off before you do this. I am sure after the first couple of efforts in this regard one would have it down, however.

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