Radical Activism Visual Archive

When I lived in Amsterdam, I got a glimpse of some the european activist design aesthetic, which was beautiful. A little hip for my tastes, to be sure (not everything can look like it came from the 19th century, I suppose), but my friends there sure knew that aesthetics can be important. I’m gonna be honest… I think one reason that it’s hipper to be radical in Europe than in the USA is because, well, the radicals know how to design. (yes, I know, there are many good designers in the US scene. I’m just talking about the level of average flier/poster, which is admittedly going up.) So yeah. Anyhow, I found a website, the Radical Activism Visual Archive, that appears to be dedicated to collecting and presenting the awesome posters, covers, fliers, etc. that come out of radical activism all over the world (yes, the USA too).

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