Greece. Interesting Place. Especially Right Now.

As I’m certain much of the world is aware, Greece has been alive with riots these past two weeks since the police killed a teenage anarchist. It’s hard to keep up with it all, being over here in the USA, of course, but Crimethinc has come out with an excellent analysis of the uprising. One major point they propose is that, contrary to what the mainstream press has supposed, the riots are about more than just the economy, they are about the existence of the police, of the state. These protests, after all, were started with anarchist momentum.

But it’s not just the economic hardships accompanying times of recession—the resistance in Greece is also a revolt against the exploitation, alienation, and hierarchy inherent in the capitalist system, that set the stage for police to murder teenagers whether or not a significant percentage of the population is unemployed.

For a blow by blow of the action, I suggest The Center for Strategic Anarchy.

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