Playing Tonight In Baltimore! 7pm, Charm City Art Space

I know, I know, I give like no warning for these things. But I only just now got finalized details on the thing. I’m playing a show tonight in baltimore, 7pm at Charm City Art Space, 1729 Maryland Ave. (Their website is woefully out of date, by the way.) It’s a benefit for Baltimore’s branch of Rising Tide, which is grassroots radical group that confronts the social justice issues of global warming (basically, addressing that global warming will screw over the poor even sooner than it screws over everyone). Anyhow, they are great people with their hearts firmly in their work, and deserve support.

I’ll be playing with Cringe (who I can’t find anything about), Randi Williams (another acoustic musician), and the “90s ukulele cover band” Car Phone.

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  1. But it’s such a farquing shit-hole without you….
    I mean, why go back, dude? (Like I never visited and ‘old haunt’).

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