Finally, We Can Hate The System Again

For 8 years it’s been “Bush did this” and “Bush bombed that” and it was driving me up the damn wall (almost drove me up-against-the-wall a couple of times too). But of course, it’s the entire capitalist nationstate that’s corrupt, and soon we’ll see that, cause you all got to vote yesterday but money votes every day (insert additional anarchist/radical slogans here).

Anyhow, it will be nice to be able to talk about things in the context of this whole system being bankrupt again, and maybe we can finally start addressing some fundamental issues, like the national forest timber giveaway or, you know, the existential crisis that is global warming (and believe me, this administration will be taking baby steps when it’s time for running).

3 thoughts on “Finally, We Can Hate The System Again”

  1. I guess it was in the mid ’80s a friend had some newsletters with the recurring cartooon of campaign posters for “Snake” versus “Vulture”. Like the Blues Brothers: “We have both kinds of music, Country and Western”.

    Despite my usual battle-cry of “Long Live Dynamite! Long Live Anarchy” (or is that backwards, my usual battle-cries being somewhat mutable), I’m pretty happy to wash my hands of the Bush years without having to take four McSame/Palin years up the cat-flap.

    I’m kinda surprised that whoever ‘won’ the election didn’t immediately self-immolate in celebration/protest over having their names listed chronologically (or anywhere) near “Bush” in the history books.

    The wait is over (mostly) on ‘just how bad it could be’, more of the same begins again, I just hope this ‘same’ is better than the last ‘same’.

    Everyone stock up on spray bottles, highway flares, and film-dusters/smoke alarms with radioactive sources in them, and try to enjoy ‘jiglging the wires’ a bit.

    Otherwise: YIPEE (at least Palin gets nowhere near “the Button”)!!!

  2. Yeah, don’t get me wrong… I’m quite happy that Bush will be out. (well, presuming he doesn’t pull the whole “martial law” card between now and January, but I’m not -quite- conspiracy-minded enough to think that to be likely).
    And yeah… Sarah was scary. May she fade back into the obscurity from which she came.

  3. Oh yes, Palin was terrifying. But even scarier, you probably haven’t seen the last of her yet — there’s already bits of discussion hinting she might try to run in 2012.

    I think election day was actually a fantastic reminder of how the system is fundamentally flawed. Sure, Obama won, and he’s a much better choice than McCain would have been. But at the same time, California and Florida passed constitutional amendments banning Gay Marriage. A perfect reminder that the system still sucks, always will suck, and needs a really good kicking.

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