No Media Kings

I’ve been buried 10 tabs deep into No Media Kings, the self-publishing resource site run by Jim Munroe, an anarchist sci-fi author from Canada who I am embarrassed to have not heard about before now. There’s tons of information on here about self-publishing and writing, from a really awesome perspective. (including a freely downloadable how-to comic book, Time Management For Anarchists). Of particular interest is a project he and others undertook in Toronto a few years back in which they wrote one-page SF dystopias about local gentrification and posted them to poles around town!

One thought on “No Media Kings”

  1. Great site! I can see how you got buried 10 tabs deep. I can see myself spending lots of time here – besides I love sci fi and comics! Thanks for posting, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this site. It makes me think I need to post about great sites I find more often.

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