I Can Give You Nightmares, Part 3

The headline alone is enough, really: Military Investigates Amnesia Beams. The short of it is that scientists have finally figured out how to selectively zap certain memories out of mice, and the military is quite interested. Apparently, since the 80s, they’ve known how to erase about the last 4 seconds of a rodents memory, but this is the first time they’ve been able to get older memories deleted.

Our heads, the hard drives. The military, the ones with the software to read/write. Hurrah.

3 thoughts on “I Can Give You Nightmares, Part 3”

  1. Since it’s really hard to suppress new technology, we need a collaborative Open Source project to develop this for our use. Even the playing field, so to speak.

    ‘Cause everyone needs to forget something, sometimes . Like the last 8 years.

  2. Jake-
    I agree- 8 years would be a start. But maybe forgetting your be a bad thing.
    I’m putting out a yard sign tonight that says “If you don’t vote, you CAN’T BITCH”.
    The “amnesia effet” is in open literature, and can surely be exploited by

    The last eight years would be a modest beginning… if forgetfulness is what you really way, I keep up with the “radionics” threads on disreputable websites, why stop with the brain, why not the heart, etc?
    You drive a bus (pardon, a victorian RC)) presumably with alive news feed. Why not use this technology to undue the damage done by Faux News feeds, etc.
    Anyone else here read Bartcop.com , btw? He’s a hometown boy made good.

    wthically undaunted technologists.

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