I Can Give You Nightmares, Part 2

Now, just who would be enforcing this martial law? Clearly, it’s going to be big dog. Clearly, humans aren’t going to be in charge much longer. You’ve got to watch this video. The beginning is creepy, but it gets worse. I wonder, when they edited this thing, if they realized just how ungodly scary the noises this thing makes?

Last night, before everyone crashed, Paul Mercer [warning: MySpace] of The Ghosts Project [MySpace] showed us this thing. It is, of course, DARPA funded, and they brag about the payload this thing can carry. I don’t think anybody slept easily.

8 thoughts on “I Can Give You Nightmares, Part 2”

  1. Now I’m not saying I’m anti-robot or anything. Hell, I helped produce a robot friend of mine’s solo robot-liberation album. But all I’m saying is “bzzzzzzzzz” and that it can run over rocks faster than you.

  2. When do we get to see the video with big dog carrying an active denial system on its back and chasing pesky black blockers around.

  3. But later in the vid, see the joy with which big dog jumps and leaps over the green square? Big dog just needs to be steam powered, its that nasty internal combustion engine that makes big dog scary!

  4. I think it’s menacing hi-tech mechanical appearance that makes big dog scary- it looks like it wants microwave death ray strapped to his back! If covered with furry (vegan) pelts and carrying water, food, and a solar power source, it’d be adorable!

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