Everyone Hates “God Hates Fags”

So there’s this group that you’ve probably already heard of, the Westboro Baptist Church, who run godhatesfags.com (ooh, and even more interesting, godhatestheworld.com, an interactive map that lets you find out why god hates everywhere). Basically, these people go around and picket other folk’s funerals for being gay, or even more bizarre, the funerals of dead soldiers, since the soldiers were “defending” a country that “harbors” homosexuals. Anyhow, they’re a bunch of bastards, really summing up the whole “close-minded religious lunatic” thing pretty effectively. So anyhow, a few people have shown up at their protests and made pretty clever protest signs:

(pictures culled from the comments on the topic at Boing Boing.)

9 thoughts on “Everyone Hates “God Hates Fags””

  1. I have a few signs made just in case they show up in Dallas.

    “Fags hate God”

    “Poopy-scoop Sassafrass Jibba Jabba”

    “If homosexuality is a sin, why did god make it natural in more than 2/3 of the sentient creatures on earth?” (Thats actually a banner…)

    Not to mention I have a rediculously loud megaphone that will probably dwarf their’s, so I am fully able to drown out their nonsense.

  2. Thought I’d throw in my figurative 2-cents on this issue:

    I’m a strong christian, and I think homosexuality is a sin, But I’m okay with people being that way (the rest of my family disagrees with me.) From a christian standpoint, we should stop disowning our fellow humans for being sinners.. There are many sins that go unpunished in the Christian world, and this is somehow worse than all the others? This makes no sense…

    Seriously, we desperatly need to stop being such douchebags (and I never use that word) and show them Christian love… not hate!

    Sorry this rant was so long.. but I needed to get it out of my system…

    P.S. Please, no one needlessly flame me for my faith, be polite about it…

  3. Hrmm… Flabob, even though I think that homosexuality is perfectly natural (and observable throughout many, many species), there’s something to what you’re getting at. Often times I run into this, where I think that a certain thing is against my ethics, so people think I’m judging -them-…
    for example, I don’t have a myspace account and I don’t really approve of myspace (owned by fox, for starters), but I don’t think less of people for using it. Same with my veganism… it’s a personal ethical choice.

    There reaches a point that I -dont- allow other people to cross, however: I will say something when someone harasses a woman on the street, things like that.

    So yeah… I don’t respect your judgment of homosexuals as sinners, but I respect that you’re willing to accept that some people will be sinners.

  4. I think I left this out, but to my religion, it’s human to sin, and only Jesus is the only human that has never sinned. I meant that I was likening it to a sin, and thats something everybody does… I wouldnt say it’s judjement, but more of an observation.

  5. my opinion on this is, you cant hate someone for who they love.
    And if you don’t respect God enough to accept that He created people who preferr their own sex to hetero relations, you sure as hell probly shouldn’t make signs to display how intolerant and unlike the Christ you proclaim to serve. It just adds to skew the majority view of Christianity.
    I’m a follower of Christ, but more than likely, I’d empathize with those being persecuted than the accusers.

  6. As a pastor in a christiand Church these people are insane. They do not represent the Jesus of the Bible. They have no respect for humanity and no reason to stand with the signs. The point of Jesus life was not so that we should stop doing everything wrong and be perfect and tell everybody else that disagrees that they are going to hell. Its that Jesus did all we ever need. So please dont let the crazy people turn you guys away from Jesus, they are practicing some empty religion of useless bantering. Jesus called out the “religious leaders” of his day all the time, because they were the ones making rules, that even they couldnt keep. Turns out Jesus wasnt a fan of “religion” either.

  7. you all from god hates fags are going to hell. you have no right to do this at all. God does not hate us, he love’s us.

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