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Speaking at Musta Pispala in Tampere, Finland

I’ll be in Tampere, Finland between the 8th and 11th of July to speak at Musta Pispala, an anarchist festival. I’ll be doing both a presentation on anarchist fiction and one on anarchism in the US. I might also end up playing a show there, I’m not sure… depends on the availability of an accordion, it looks like. The folks who run this seem to be the ones behind Takku, an anarchist magazine that I got to see at the Stockholm anarchist bookfair and that features (among lots of other things, of course), translations from Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness. I’m excitied.

I’ve always kind of loved Finland and I’m excited to have an excuse to go back.

Italian Tour Dates!

On Tuesday I’m flying off to Italy to do a small speaking tour there. There is plenty of information about the tour in Italian, but the tour dates are:

* 19 giugno – La Corte, Vicenza
* 24 giugno – Cascina Torchiera, Milano
* 25 giugno – CSA nEXt Emerson, Firenze
* 29 giugno – Perditempo, Napoli
* 3 luglio – La Torre, Roma (durante l’Hackmeeting)

I’ll be talking some about anarchist fiction (I think the talk in Milano), but I’ll mostly be speaking about the steampunk’s guide to the apocalypse!

Speaking On Wednesday, June 2nd, in Berlin, then again in Stockholm on the 5th and 6th

I’ll be speaking about anarchism and fiction at a Wagenplatz in Berlin, on June 2nd. The address is scheffelstr 21 in lichtenberg (friedrichshain). I think I’ll be talking at like 8pm or something.

I’ll also be speaking at the Stockholm Anarchist Bookfair on June 5th as part of the panel on anarchist publishing from 3-5pm, and I’ll be presenting my book Mythmakers and Lawbreakers the following day at 2pm.

Speaking In Frankfurt Tonight

Okay, sorry about how last-minute everything has suddenly become. I’m speaking tonight in Frankfurt at a place called Raumstation Rödelheim, on anarchism in fiction, joined by my friend who writes Click Clack Gorilla. Then I’ll be speaking about anarchism in the USA here at Haus Mainusch in Mainz on the 31st, essentially opening for my friends in From The Depths.

I’ll also be speaking in Berlin, I believe on the 2nd.

Speaking Sunday, May 9th, in Amsterdam

Sorry, I’m really shit about short-notice posts about events I’m doing. Tomorrow night I’m speaking at the MKZ about anarchism in the United States. It’s at 20:00, and it’s free. I might even have visual aids, but I’m not certain about that yet. This was a special request from friends here in Amsterdam that I speak on this subject, and I hope to do justice to the actually really vibrant and diverse scene that I hail from.

NC Rising

This weekend I attended what might have been the best anarchist conference I’ve been to. If nothing, else, NC Rising was more encouraging and inspiring than anything I’ve attended in a good long time. The workshops were good, but by far the best thing about it was to see anarchists and anti-authoritarians of all stripes networking together with only the slightest bit of shit-talking. So good!

I got to see The Chicago Conspiracy, a new documentary about the ongoing revolt in Chile. It’s a remarkable piece of work; well-made and engaging. It shows the viewer why people are fighting from a more personal position than simply explaining that the government is bad.

Me! Live on the internets!

I’m on everyone’s favorite “anarchists talking shit” internet radio show, “1,2,3 who cares” (possibly to be renamed “horizontal hostility”) on Portland Indymedia Radio in about five minutes, for about an hour. We still haven’t determined what our topic is. And I might be mostly quiet.

Edit: the show is archived and available. And, imagine that, I wasn’t just quiet. Here us rant about subculture, the black bloc up at the olympics, and some other stuff.