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Wolfie Blackheart and the problem with majoritarian reality.

So… there’s this goth woman named Wolfie Blackheart who identifies as a wolf and likes to taxidermy roadkill. She found a roadkill dog (pictured above) and decapitated it to do something with its skull. And now everyone is freaking out about it. The people who’s dog it was found the photo and are trying to press charges, but what’s particularly fascinating and sad is the media freaking out about it because she doesn’t fit in with the majoritarian view of what consists of reality. (since she’s goth, wears a tail, and considers herself a half-werewolf or something.) The smartest thing I’ve seen said about it was a comment on the Boing Boing post about it:

She should know that the only acceptable garb for a taxidermist (even an amateur taxidermist) is camo and a baseball cap.

People should grow the hell up, understand that what floats their boats don’t float other people’s boats, and leave this person alone. (That said, I can understand why the people who looked after the dog when it was alive were kinda freaked out.)