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Opening For Dark Dark Dark Tomorrow, Dec 15, Baltimore

Finally, I give you more than 24 hours notice before I play a show. Here’s 27 hours notice. Tomorrow night, Monday Dec 15th 2008, at 3043 Frisby Street, Baltimore MD. Doors at 6pm. I’m playing a show! I’m playing with Dark Dark Dark, who are an accomplished acoustic act from Minneapolis, and Armida, a ukulele player and singer from College Park. (Watch her videos instead of listening to her recordings, in my opinion). I’m looking forward to it immensely. You should look forward to it too. In fact, you should come, and bring your friends. I might even remember to have zines and such with me to give away, too.

The Red & Black Ball!

Last night I attended the Red & Black Ball, a neo-victorian/surrealist/steampunk/anarchist bit of wonderfulness organized by the good folks of 2640. Almost everyone came in proper colors and in a wide array of finery, mostly DIY. It was hard for me, of course… black I’ve got plenty of, but red? My accordion is red, but I wasn’t playing. But what I’m getting at is that there were people of all ages and there was a seance and there was live, classical orchestral music being played by punks.

The world I want to live in has live classical music being played by punks, in case anyone was wondering. I wish that the event was a regular thing. After being into it for some years now, I finally understand why I love steampunk.