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i know, I know, I’m 3 or 4 years too late, but I just found out about infernokrusher, which is basically the best literary movement in the world. For example, the first Infernokrusher poem:

I blew up the plums
that were in the icebox
and which you were probably saving for breakfast
forgive me
I like fire

Now, the thing is basically a joke, but I’ve been attracted to and actually advocating some of these ideas for awhile now:

  • Infernokrusher fiction explodes stagnant genre conventions, e.g., that it’s not okay to have all your characters run over by a monster truck in what would seem to be the middle of the story
  • Infernokrusher is a violently anti-materialist movement, regardless of the materials involved

They also point out that it is merely fake infernokrusher fiction if the violence is used to resolve conflict, rather than merely interrupt. I applaud this. Of course, I guess I have a habit of picking up on sorta-joke literary movements after they’ve already wound down.

Head Full Of Birds

My good friend Steven Archer (of spooky rock electronica band Ego Likeness) just set up a new blog for his art, headfullofbirds.com. Steven (along with his partner-in-crime Donna Lynch) is responsible for a great deal of what I know about the world, and about art, and ethics. He produces a prodigious amount of artwork, because he works near-constantly, and his work is always evolving and developing. He also sells it for pretty seriously dirt cheap, because he’s cool like that. He’s written and illustrated two books, the children’s book Luna Maris—about the moon and the ocean—, and Red King Black Rook, a brilliant and dark anti-war analogy.

Mythmakers & Lawbreakers – Alan Moore on Anarchism

Okay, so some of you know that I have a book coming out from AK Press this fall. It’s titled Mythmakers & Lawbreakers, and it’s a series of interviews with anarchist fiction writers about the intersection of their politics and their fiction. Trying to explore how fiction writing can be useful, but also why we do it on other levels as well. In fact, I’m looking for help for some of the research that will be included in the appendices.

Anyhow, one of the interviews I did was with comic book author Alan Moore. And it might just be my favorite interview I’ve ever conducted. It’s been posted on infoshop for a long time now (yes, putting together a book takes a long time, it turns out), but for some reason that page seems to be defunct, only showing the first paragraph or two of the interview. So I’m reposting it here, after the break. (It has also been translated into what appears to be Ukrainian or Belorussian.)
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Big Dog Is Going Down

Watch Robo Dog in Game Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Earlier on Birds Before The Storm, I posted about Big Dog, a military-friendly quadruped robot that is kind of frightening. But fortunately, our attention has been brought to Lrry-1, the video of which appears above, by the boulevardier: (from our comments)

we have our own robodog too! and it is bigger and scarier than theirs and made entirely of scrap metal… i wasn’t savy to mutoid waste until kanye west (of all people) introduced me to this video and they are fucking rad! They were organizing illegal parties in the 80’s, fleeing from police raids in the 90’s and now are building giant monsters, i sort of have a crush going!

So yeah, this is where it’s at. Scrap-metal DIY monsters that spit fire, ridden by mohawked mad scientists, and in real life. Yes.

Lrry-1 is the product of Lyle of the Mutoid Waste Company. A bit more information about them is available on their wikipedia entry and through a documentary on youtube. Other videos of Lrry (including LRRY2 or possibly 4!) are available on youtube as well: 1, 2.

Radical Activism Visual Archive

When I lived in Amsterdam, I got a glimpse of some the european activist design aesthetic, which was beautiful. A little hip for my tastes, to be sure (not everything can look like it came from the 19th century, I suppose), but my friends there sure knew that aesthetics can be important. I’m gonna be honest… I think one reason that it’s hipper to be radical in Europe than in the USA is because, well, the radicals know how to design. (yes, I know, there are many good designers in the US scene. I’m just talking about the level of average flier/poster, which is admittedly going up.) So yeah. Anyhow, I found a website, the Radical Activism Visual Archive, that appears to be dedicated to collecting and presenting the awesome posters, covers, fliers, etc. that come out of radical activism all over the world (yes, the USA too).

Day X – The Videogame

Ah, Day X. On March 20th, 2003, the city of Portland came together in a pretty amazing protest that shut down a good portion of downtown for many an hour. The idea was “no business as usual”, a general consensus of the anti-war movement at the time: if we made the system cease to work by protests and demonstrations, the government might be forced to listen to us. San Fran did the best, of course, managing rolling blockades throughout downtown for almost a week, but our 6 hours were pretty amazing.

Anyhow, my friend “Lyra234” appears to have made a video game with the title Day X: The Riot (Day X was the name that we used in our video about the protest). In this version, you are a ninja anarchist who throws molotov cocktails at cops and collects such classic video game power-ups like “shield”, “health”, and “circle bomb”. It’s fun. It has absolutely nothing to do with the protests I was just talking about. You should play it.

Everyone Hates “God Hates Fags”

So there’s this group that you’ve probably already heard of, the Westboro Baptist Church, who run godhatesfags.com (ooh, and even more interesting, godhatestheworld.com, an interactive map that lets you find out why god hates everywhere). Basically, these people go around and picket other folk’s funerals for being gay, or even more bizarre, the funerals of dead soldiers, since the soldiers were “defending” a country that “harbors” homosexuals. Anyhow, they’re a bunch of bastards, really summing up the whole “close-minded religious lunatic” thing pretty effectively. So anyhow, a few people have shown up at their protests and made pretty clever protest signs:
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