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What To Get Your Loved Ones For Christmas

or whatever the hell reason you want to get your friends presents.

Get people artwork by Steven Archer. Steven, half of Ego Likeness and one of my best friends (and the person who taught me everything I know about making art and electronic music), makes a ton of these little, strange paintings/collages. And since he makes a ton of them, he’s able to sell them for pretty cheap. $30-40 apiece for genuine oil paintings by a pretty amazing artist. He sells them off his Livejournal (and I think his facebook, too, but I don’t do the facebook thing so I’m not sure). Cost includes shipping, and goes directly towards, well, you know, food and such.

That one has an airship.

Running Up That Hill

The best piece of performance art I’ve ever seen—measured by its emotional effect on me—was short and told a story of estranged youth. It began as a blood ritual set to black metal, it ended with one in the other’s arms flying from the stage set to this song. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush. (Who, randomly, I first discovered owing to her work on the soundtrack to Brazil).

Today I found the video, and I also found the video for the cover by Placebo. I don’t really know anything about Placebo. And I’m wary of covers of such beautiful, earnest songs. But I like it. And what’s more, I like the video even more. I don’t really care about music videos as a medium, I have to admit. But there’s a really important emotional quality to the video that, well, reflects that the cover artists respect the original. It’s a series of clips of fan-videos, of sad people singing along. And that’s what Running Up That Hill is about. Sad people singing along. Fuck yeah. The cover loses a bit of the “hopeful anyway” that the original has going for it, but I like it.


Well, 40,00 words. According to the Science Fiction Writers of America, a novel is a fiction work of 40,000 words or more.

I’ve written a couple of novellas, plenty of short stories, and of course I edited a book, but today I crossed over the 40,000 word line in this fiction piece I’m working on. It’s not done yet, but I’m pretty stoked. I’ll be looking for first-readers in a bit, cause it’s almost done! I’ve been working on this damn book for almost two years now. About a year ago I scrapped a 25,000 word draft to start over again, which has been worth it, but of course quite frustrating. It’s like when you draw a really, really good eye, get all excited, and then realize you drew it in the wrong place and have to erase it. Only, you know, an eye that took you a year to draw.


November is National [obsessing over] Word Count Month, also known locally as NaWoCoMo! (say it with me!)

Here at the cyberpunk apocalypse (that’s the name of the house I’m at, you see), we’re celebrating in style! That is, we put a chart on the fridge with all our names and we all keep track of our word counts per day.

What’s great about NaWoCoMo is… take today for example. Today I did layout for two different projects, edited an article of mine, edited a friends article… and then wrote like 250 words for a different project. And NaWoCoMo only cares about them 250 words! That’s right! Woo! NaWoCoMo!

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

I’m becoming obsessed. It might be with caves, it might be with photography. Actually, it might be with bats. We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. It holds the largest cave room in the western hemisphere, and it’s pretty spectacular. Well, it kinda dwarfs words like “spectacular.” It kinda dwarfs most anything, really. And then, at night, half a million mexican freetail bats come out of the cave. I didn’t take photos of that. But here are some of the photos from the cave. I’ll probably post more in the next week or so as I finish processing them. Click on a photo for a slightly larger version.

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the killjoy

I ran across a traveler friend of mine who carries a view camera and darkroom in the trunk of their car. They make tintypes. So I found a handsome fellow named Parks, got all gussied up, and sat still for several seconds. I’m quite pleased with the results! See their flickr for more wonderfulness!