Take What You Need and Compost the Rest

Take What You Need and Compost the Rest

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Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness

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Black Mosquito, 2013

A pamphlet collecting six essays originally written for Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic between 2010-2011. Take What You Need and Compost the Rest presents “post-civilization” as an anarchist political theory in which many of the basic tenants of civilization are rejected but many of the advantages of civilization are retained–a sort of scavenger attitude applied to politics. Essay topics include pro-science anti-civilization, cooperative scavenging, community survival, and the city that isn’t a city.

I would argue (mostly for fun, I admit: there isn’t too much of a point in strongly holding one’s own definitions of words over the definitions that others use) that civilization can be described by its linear thinking. (To refer back to my dictionary, civilization is “the stage of human social development and organization that is considered most advanced.” “Most advanced” strikes me as pretty linear thinking.) Science is always equated with civilization, but I’d love to see the two concepts divorced. Science is a system with which to explore the natural laws of our world, to develop technologies with. And yet science has been held at the mercy of civilization. Civilization refuses to go back. It encourages us only to push forward, it argues that anything newly developed is more worthwhile than what came before. It does not let us question our fundaments.