What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower

What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower: Being An Adventure of Your Own Choosing

AK Press


June, 2011

Combustion Books

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What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower is a steampunk “adventure of your own choosing” that drops you, a drunk ne’er-do-well, right into the middle of an anti-colonial struggle between goblins and gnomes under the city streets in France. Who will you side with? How will you die? Might you possibly survive, or even emerge victorious? It’s up to you. (But you’ll probably die, let’s be real.)

“In What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, the estimable Margaret Killjoy takes a story-form usually associated with younger readers and infuses it with decadence and absinthe along with delirious and dissolute fantasy. If you’re choosing your own adventure, I strongly recommend you make it this one.”
—Alan Moore, author of Watchmen

“Reading What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower is a bit like play­ing Dungeons & Dragons with a bunch of grad students while Monty Python’s Flying Circus marathons in the background. It offers the pleasure of watching someone very smart do some­ thing very silly, and do it with style and skill. You will laugh­ and while you laugh this trickster author will unleash goblins in your mind to ferment a cognitive revolution.”
—William Alexander, for Rain Taxi