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Steampunk III: Revolution

Ann VanderMeer, hugo-award-winning editor of Weird Tales, is editing a new steampunk anthology, Steampunk Revolution. And it’s promising to be the best yet. (Not just because I’m in it!) It’s founded on the idea that steampunk needs not be stagnant and that it can actually have something to say.

Today, she posted the Table of Contents. I’m incredibly happy to be being published alongside Cherie Priest, Bruce Sterling, Catherynne M. Valente, and Jaymee Goh.

Being The Explorations #5

Being The Explorations is my series of photo zines that document my travels. I did one a season for a year, mid-2009 to mid-2010, but stopped for awhile. I picked it back up, though, and this edition is larger than the other 4 combined: it’s 170 full color pages with 228 photos from 2011. You can download the web-quality version for free, too!

25% off my stuff at AK Press, also your Magpie holiday shopping guide…

Everything from AK Press’s enormous distro is on sale this weekend, 25% off. (AK Press is the US’s largest anarchist publisher and distributor, and is a collectively-run business.) They also publish and distribute my books and whatnot:
(shameless self-promotion)

SteamPunk Magazine anthologized!

Holy shit! 432 pages of SteamPunk Magazine, all in one place. I edited the first 4 (4 and a half?) issues of this magazine, which is now brought together lovingly by an introduction from Jake von Slatt and a cover by John Coulthart. To say I’m excited about this is an understatement. The pages of SteamPunk Magazine collect together everything I’ve loved about steampunk: the DIY ethos, the radical re-imagining of society, and the weird clanking machines.

The anthology was released by Combustion Books and is available for $20.99 from anarchist-run distributors AK Press and of course by that evil Amazon thing.