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2008 adventuring

twilight in goblin valley

In 2008, I went off with my then-partner to explore the great middle-west of the country. Mostly southern Utah, actually. I hadn’t taken photos in six years or something, but I bought a digital SLR for the trip, hoping to shoot complex panoramas with people in costumes. What resulted are still some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. I sat on most of these digital negatives for years before finally processing and posting them. The panoramas, at least, really ought to be clicked on and viewed larger.

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Eviction of Occupy Santa Cruz

Occupy Santa Cruz dismantled

Occupy Santa Cruz, in San Lorenzo park, was told that everyone had to clear out by 5 or 6 on December 7th. I showed up to support in case the police came in to arrest people. But of course, as per usual with the occupy movement, the police waited until the early hours of the next morning to evict so that supporters and media weren’t on hand to document their tactics.

It was a sad site to see the camp being dismantled, but to be honest I’d expected it weeks or months earlier.

A few more photos after the cut:

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Destruction of a community park in Santa Cruz

Community Park in Santa Cruz, the day before it is destroyed

There’s been this gross dead corner lot in Santa Cruz for the past however many years, one decorated only by mulch and drug paraphernalia. So last weekend people turned it into a small park, to the immediate joy of other folks in the neighborhood. But a new Walgreens is being constructed nearby, and apparently they’re not so happy with it, so they bulldozed it. They were going to do it yesterday, but 30-40 people showed up to protect the space, so they left it alone. At 8 this morning, they came in, fenced in the people using the park, then called the cops on them. After the people were kicked out, they brought in a bulldozer. Some people stood in front of the bulldozer for awhile, and I guess someone put mulch in the exhaust. Cops came again, drove everyone away, then a repair truck showed up and they bulldozed the park. So now, once again, the corner is a bunch of dirt. Thanks, Walgreens. Glad to know that you’re not some just faceless chainstore that doesn’t pay attention to its local community.

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Picking mussels at the lowest tide of the year


I went up the 1 with some friends at the lowest tide of the year to play on the beach, explore sea caves, and pick mussels. Well, I didn’t pick mussels really, but my omnivorous friends did. Anyhow, we got there an hour or so before the sun went down and the light stayed perfect the entire time we were there. These are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in awhile.

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