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Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

I’m becoming obsessed. It might be with caves, it might be with photography. Actually, it might be with bats. We stopped at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. It holds the largest cave room in the western hemisphere, and it’s pretty spectacular. Well, it kinda dwarfs words like “spectacular.” It kinda dwarfs most anything, really. And then, at night, half a million mexican freetail bats come out of the cave. I didn’t take photos of that. But here are some of the photos from the cave. I’ll probably post more in the next week or so as I finish processing them. Click on a photo for a slightly larger version.

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Farewell to Tucson – Cascadia in Arizona

I’ve been cooped up in the EF! Journal house for two months, but I finally got to head out to the mountains, right before I leave town. Always is that way… I don’t really like a place till I’m leaving, it seems. We drove up the top of Mt. Lemmon and went for a hike. Through Douglas fir, some of it even old-growth. Even the burns looked like Cascadia to me. It’s amazing, this sky island. We went up the fire-watch tower (which is actually a shack on a rock outcropping) and sat about and marveled, as one ought. Then, on the way home, we got to see the sunset through distant storms. It might be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. More photos after the break.
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Woke up this morning to a goat bleating

I just moved to Tucson, Arizona in time for monsoon season (and the two hottest months of the year!). Anyhow, the house I moved into has two goats in a pen in the yard. This morning, at 5am, one of them ate through the fence or something. I’ve decided to name him Papillon. So he was running through the yard like it was a racetrack, back and forth. The neighbors dog was barking, the goat was bleating… look, I’m not used to being around a lot of goats. It was a bit strange.

So I went outside, barefoot, and avoided stepping in goat poo the best I could. The goat ran into the house when the door was open. I decided I was grumpy enough to take pictures of it without asking permission. Morning light is awful pretty, I gotta say. Here’s pictures of Papillon being driven out of the house, through the yard, and into his or her pen.

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Cascadia Free State

I’ll have more of an update about this tonight or tomorrow, I’m currently on the road. But there’s a free state in Cascadia, which is one of the coolest forms of forest defense around. Here are some photos. They are of the tipped-over van (with someone locked down inside), and other structures such as a bipod and a pod, all staffed by awesome forest defenders who don’t want to see native forests logged and logged and clearcut. Other photos are of the unit they are defending, including stumps of old-ass trees, and swaths of clearcut hillside. (The first one is of nearby hillsides, not the specific place that they are currently defending, but showing you what is happening to the area)
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Butchering A Fawn On Sunday

Yesterday my friends returned to the house with a roadkill deer that they’d already skinned. Being slightly into taking gory photos, I decided to photograph some of the process of butchering the dead creature. (As an aside, the omnivores pictured are mostly freegan. The animal wasn’t hunted. Most importantly, it wasn’t raised for slaughter. Its death is a sad thing, but not one that my friends will let go to waste.) Pictured above is my friend holding the heart. It gets a lot gorier.

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Photos from Sunday’s Show

I’m pleased as hell with these photos that came out of sunday’s show. Just as a word of warning, the show in question was at an erotic arts theatre, so like half the pictures of me have a painting of a lady wearing pasties (and not too much else) behind me. If you know me, you know that I would rather that not be the case. But at least it’s a well executed painting.

Anyhow, there are pictures from:
Libby Bulloff [my favorite of myself declares me the patron saint of gibberish].
And Daniel McManus [my favorite of myself.]
And of course, I posted twopictures of setup to my flickr.