My name is Margaret Killjoy. Most people call me Magpie. I’m an itinerant author and editor, rarely spending more than a few months in one place at a time.

My email address is I occasionally say things @magpiekilljoy on twitter. I’m on facebook: and Flickr. I attended Clarion West in 2015.


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I’ve written for publications including Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic,, The Earth First! Journal, SteamPunk Magazine, Fifth Estate, and Geek Fu Action Grip.


I’m an anarchist. Which is to say, I believe that society would be better organized without hierarchically-imposed authority, whether through this thing called “the State” or through capitalism. Note that capitalism refers not to market economies, but a specific sort of market economy in which it’s possible to make your income by doing nothing (investing, property speculation, absentee landlordism, etc.).

There are a lot of little sub-sections of anarchist. I would say that I’m best described by post-civilized theory, which is a branch of green anarchism. But I’m also a “big tent” anarchist, which is to say I’m excited by pretty much all branches of anarchism and think we need to focus more on our similarities than our differences.

I’m also vegan, but hate self-righteous veganism. It’s a dietary choice. We all make compromises in this life.

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My work has been mentioned in such awesome blogs and projects as Boing Boing, MAKE blog, MAKE Magazine, The Nor’Easter, and Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, as well as and the lamentable Newsweek. I’ve been interviewed about steampunk by Small WORLD podcast, Steampunk Spectacular, CBC Radio, The Boston Phoenix, The Boston Globe, The Hartford Courant, and a handful of other publications from the US and overseas.

I once even did an interview with The Wall Street Journal Online. It was pretty funny: I said something like “well, obviously, our current oil-driven infrastructure can’t go on forever” and the man stopped me to ask, quite confused, “what do you mean?” (and that, by the way, is the problem.)