2011 in review

I kind of enjoy these end of the year year-in-review posts. They help remind me that I actually get things done, since the end of December is usually a kind of low-point in my mood and productivity. I did one for 2010 and 2008. I tend to leave my personal life out of my blog, and I’ll continue in that habit.

  • I published Graceless: A Journal of the Radical Gothic, a magazine I edited.
  • My first fiction book came out: What Lies Beneath The Clock Tower.
  • I resumed my editorship of SteamPunk Magazine, which I’d dropped in 2008.
  • I participated in the US’s first general strike since the 1940s, in Oakland, California. I also had the privilege of helping facilitate numerous general assemblies at Occupy Santa Cruz and teach other folks about non-hierarchical decision-making.
  • I did readings and presentations across the US and a bit of Canada with my books, at anarchist bookfairs and steampunk conventions alike.
  • I traveled to five new countries: Greece, Bulgaria, France, Spain, and Canada (going when I was too young to remember doesn’t count).
  • I managed to live in one place for three months of the year!

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