My schedule at Think Galacticon

The programming has been announced for Think Galacticon, which is next weekend (July 8-10, 2011) in Chicago.

My speaking schedule is:

Saturday, 7:45-9:00 PM, Room 238
Choose Your Own Steampunk Adventure: An Interactive novel
Margaret will lead the audience on a live interactive jaunt through his new novel What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower, with a chalkboard to note particular forks and paths.

Sunday, 10:15-11:30 AM, Room 320
Writing for Radicals
Speculative fiction thrives on a dialogue with chewy ideas and can be counter to the suspicion that bringing politics in leads to bad writing. But whether the content is radical politically or the techniques experimental, writing as a radical makes an already difficult task even more challenging. Let’s talk about what radical writing entails and what might help, what works and what doesn’t.

1:15-2:30 PM, Room 320
Anarchism and Fiction
From The Monkey Wrench Gang to For the Win, anarchism is a powerful theme in fiction. This roundtable is a discussion of historical and contemporary anarchist fiction focusing on anarchist representation in fiction and the work of anarchists within the world of fiction-writing.

That something like Think Galacticon exists makes me enormously happy, and I can’t wait to attend.

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