Prison Is An Angry Father

In January, I sat down with an old friend and his friend to record more accordion music. I haven’t been performing or recording accordion songs in a few years, because I was frustrated with my voice and hadn’t yet figured out what I’d rather be doing with it. But after a long evening of recording, the pair managed to coax something new out of me, and I’m very happy with it. It’s likely that I’ll be returning to acoustic songwriting in the near future.

Embedded above is a cover of “Sam Hall,” more famously sung by Johnny Cash.

It’s part of Prison is an Angry Father (also available via bandcamp), a benefit album to support prison abolition. Which is something I can certainly get behind. The album itself isn’t what I run across often in the anarchist scene: it’s weird, jazzy, poetic. A lot of the tracks are poetry, in fact. Imagine an earnest (and reasonably unpretentious) modern incarnation of the beats, perhaps. Please listen to the album and consider buying it to support the project they’re working on.

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