Photos – Oakland to Portland

The landscape by Klamath Falls

I like amtrak. Not the company per say, though they’ve done me no wrong and are certainly more polite than greyhound and less strict than airlines. I just like traveling by train, and I like not worrying about getting arrested. It’s worth paying for sometimes. I like the people I meet on Amtrak… more friendly than those on the plane, and slightly less stabby than some of the people on greyhound. And most of all, I like how train lines go through parts of the country that highways don’t. And that there are big windows. And that I wake up at sunrise because it’s hard to sleep in those stupid seats. So there are a ton of photos here. Most are black and white… I’ve barely shot black and white since I went digital a few years ago, but I’m starting to re-learn it.
Most of these are of the Klamath Falls area.

46 photos after the cut.

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