Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #4 – Deathline International: Troops of Tomorrow

Troops of Tomorrow

Deathline International | MySpace Music Videos

This is actually a video of the first time I heard this song. (there go my punk points). Troops of Tomorrow is most famously covered by The Exploited but was written by The Vibrators. I first heard it at Convergence 13 in 2007 in Portland, performed by Deathline International.

lyrics behind the cut.

Deathline International: Troops of Tomorrow

We’re troops of tomorrow
We’re hanging round today
We’re playing tough music
Cos it’s hard time money

We need a revolution
We need it quick
We’re getting frustrated
It’s making us sick

We ain’t got bright future
We bought it on the never never
Don’t want to be city prisoners
We ain’t gonna live forever

We gotta stop that dreaming
We’ve gotta pick up that gun
We’re troops of tomorrow
We’ve got a new vision

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