Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #27 – Die Warzau: Insect

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This is a fan video, but the lyrics to this song are pretty explicit too. I don’t know too much about Die Warzau, but they seem pretty political in general. A bit frightening, though, with an album titled Vinyl 88 (88 being code for “heil hitler” in places like Germany where you’re not allowed to be explicitly pro-nazi)… but near as I can tell this is intentional satire, as the band seems to make statements against racism with some regularity and the song “hitler’s brain” on that album is a collaboration with George Clinton.

lyrics after the cut:

Die Warzau: Insect

We terrorizing?
Want to touch?
Turn away
While awaiting
Watch it

Fucking voice on the telephone
It don’t remind me of someone i used to know
Patriots at the back door
Waiting in line for you down in guantanamo, baby

They’ll rip your wings like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now
They’ll rip your legs like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now

Spread your legs and remember
Everyone changes; everyone’s culpable
Lose yourself in the apathy – abandon the sympathy
Let your mind go

They’ll rip your wings like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now
They’ll rip your legs like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now

I’m hanging out on the inside
When everything changes to metal/stone
I want to take the world with me in suitable anger
Leaving you alone

They’ll rip your wings like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now
They’ll rip your legs like an insect
Just tell yourself that you’re better now

One thought on “Nurr Goth Isn’t Political #27 – Die Warzau: Insect”

  1. Die Warzau: The Elevator Conversation.

    Yesterday, I was at a sort of fancy hotel. You could tell it was fancy because the lobby looked the same at night as it did during the day. This is what you pay for with fancy hotels: the illusion that it is constantly 7:23 PM. I think a bunch of experts got together and decided that 7:23 PM was the sexiest time of the day. Everyone’s had time to distance him or herself from work and yet still the entire evening is wide open for fun. 7:23 PM is a turn-on.

    So I was in the elevator going up to our floor sometime last evening, I think it may have been 7:23 PM. There were a number of people in the elevator and I did what I always do whenever I get into an elevator with strangers: tried to figure out which one of us would get eaten first in case of a power outage.

    It’s complex because you don’t want to go right for the fat guy right away. The fat guy is not the go-to guy when it comes time to determine the order in which the people in the elevator, plane, ship cargo hold or deserted planetoid are eaten. If you eat the fat guy immediately, most of him will end up going bad. You aren’t that hungry at first. It’s a waste to do the fat guy immediately. However, if you wait too long before getting to the fat guy, he may lose some nutritious body mass, which, again, is wasteful. It’s almost an art, I think, determining the most effective order for “survival resource management” (which is my own term, actually, developed in conjunction with a number of people in various elevators).

    What you don’t want, though, is to have to eat more people than is necessary, in case you are rescued and have to explain yourself. There is nothing worse than carving the first slice off a new friend right when the firemen are jaws-of-lifing their way into the side panel with boloney and cheese sandwiches. It’s awkward and requires explanation. Usually when you are rescued, you don’t have the energy to explain much. You want to keep the conversation light and airy. So here we see additional drawbacks of waiting too long to get to the fat guy. You may need to eat a succession of svelte people in order to make up the mass.

    So there are 5 people in the elevator and the equation for who will be eaten first is already a double sided sheet of paper. It occurs to me, and not for the first time, that human interaction is complex. Even what is arguably the simplest of all human interactions- eater versus eaten; gourmet versus snack; survivor versus dinner – even this is convoluted, requiring tremendous effort to effectively parse. I don’t mind telling you I miss my floor a lot sometimes. Nothing makes you look more like Corky in “Life Goes On” than going up and down in a hotel elevator for 35 minutes.

    Just imagine how complex this gets when you start to think about elevators that hold hundreds or even thousands of people? Are there thought devices you could use to determine fairly the survival resource management needs of this many people allocated with respect to the other ongoing needs of what has now become a thriving (hopefully) but sedentary elevator community? And how do you even chose a leader that can bring you through these dark times, trapped as you all are somewhere between the open air patio on floor 7 and the Guest-only Olympic size pool and pro training gym located conveniently on floor 6? In situations like this- difficult situations where complex human interactions are involved, you may need a leader with big ideas. Not just one who can apply older, smaller ideas to existing problems.

    The thing that comes to mind when you think about this outside of the hotel elevator, in the clear light of non-7:23 PM daylight is that we are 5 years away from September 11th, 2001 and we still have seen no big ideas. We’ve seen no big people, even. We’ve seen little ideas- ideas that have been tried over and over again in human history. Ideas that didn’t work before.

    An elevator full of a thousand people presents a serious challenge if you want to create a working community within it- keep the eaten at a minimum and maximize the happiness for the eaters. An elevator full of 7 billion people presents what probably looks, in comparison, like an impossible one. A challenge so immense that it can’t even be imagined. We can probably recognize that the problems involved will be complex and require quite a few double sided sheets of paper to figure out. Yet, over and over again, we seem comfortable with electing, as leaders, mediocre people with mediocre ideas, hoping somehow that they will be enough to solve our problems.

    And when they fail to come up with an elevator plan that works, we are somehow surprised. We’re just blown away that small ideas dragged from the beginning of man’s history can accomplish the goal of creating a real peace- a real safety. When a small president with small ideas announces a war on terrorism, we forget to notice that war, possibly one of the oldest ideas we have, IS a form of terrorism for the people unfortunate enough to be right in front of it.

    And the way war is used here is the way our Cro Magnon ancestors would remember it; it’s where people are bludgeoned to death, burned to death, bombed to death, shot to death. There are small new ideas available here. Smarter ways to kill the person in front of you more efficiently much like the Nazis invented in Jozefow so as to save bullets while making sure a responsibly large number of infant Jews were still murdered.

    And, absurd as it is, our leaders fail to recognize the value of big ideas. We see small wars, small people, small inroads, small excuses, lies small enough to hopefully go unnoticed while small politics makes the rest as invisible as possible to people, until the next election comes along. We see that same menagerie we are so used to seeing lately over the last 5 years. We see the Parade of stupid; the Carnival of dumb on procession right in front of us.

    Here’s my plan. I’m not voting for anyone in any election unless they step outside the Parade of Stupid and come up with a big idea. I’m in this elevator stuck between floors and I have no intention of dying in it. And I can’t advocate for big ideas until I put one of my own on the table. So here’s my big idea, directly from Belo Horizonte:

    Sometime in 1993 one of the largest cities in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, passed a law that made food an inalienable right for all citizens. It reclassified food from a commodity to a right of citizenship. At the same time, the city promotes whole healthy food diets with an advertising and communications campaign directed at educating people to the value of eating locally grown foods- healthy foods. No hand-outs or cheapy McDonalds type availability, city land was made available to farmers to grow for the poor, while the city communications directed itself towards creating an awareness of how to get healthy, local food.

    Since then, infant mortality rates in the rest of Brazil have gone down 7% while they have decreased 41% in Belo Horizonte itself. Belo Horizonte’s program costs an annual 1% of its gross budget. By removing and hooking up producers and consumers directly, small farmers make a higher margin as their urban customers get better food at better prices. A series of other related deals create an environment where, just as Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, speech, assembly and the right to bear arms are protected, so is the right to feed your family. Food is no longer considered a material market commodity.

    Our yearly defense budget, including the out of pocket expenses, is more than adequate to tailor this program for the world community. If the US- the hub of world market forces- were to stand up tomorrow and REMOVE from market consideration perishable foodstuffs, instead treating food as a worldwide right of citizenship, we could see the end of hunger by this time next year.

    Here’s a big idea. Make the war on terror not an old-school war where people are bludgeoned, beat, shot, etc. Make war on the idea of terror by making war on the idea of what is truly terrible- hunger. And when every parent on this planet puts their child to bed the next night with a full stomach, that is when our children will begin to be safer, too. And we can do it by just shifting the framework of the conversation. In my elevator fantasy, the ideas of “food” and “people” were shifted to create a thought experiment. In reality, we can shift the ideas of “commodity” and “food” to create a reality experiment. One that deserves the name “Belo Horizonte”- Beautiful horizon.

    How much safer are we, 5 years later, with a succession of small, vindictive, petty and cruel ideas pasted across the world by a succession of small, vindictive, petty and cruel men? We’ve wasted Billions of dollars killing thousands of people, chasing doglike after a six and a half foot tall idiot on an apparently sand powered kidney dialysis machine. We haven’t asked for big ideas so we’ve gotten exactly what we should have expected. The men and women who died 5 years ago today stand for nothing because we let them stand for nothing. I say we attach their name to something beautiful. A new revolution in human thought. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With an accent on the “Life”.

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