Fuck Yeah, Finland!

Dog in a field

I’m in Finland!

Finland is one of my favorite places. This is my third time here… I guess I come here every five years. Anyhow, the reason Finland is great is because Finnish has no gendered pronouns! For awhile I was advocating its use as the universal language, but I never got past cursing, ordering beer, and thanking people. Also, Finnish doesn’t have the word “please,” near as I can tell. Which is also somehow kind of cool.

Right, anyway, I went for a walk in the woods about five minutes from the house I’m staying at. I took pictures:

Football with a dog!

Playing on a field


Wildflowers in Finland

Dog on the path

Forest in Finland

Field in Finland

Walking in Finland

2 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah, Finland!”

  1. i recently learned a song on accordion called “life in the finland woods”. i imagine it playing while i look at those photos.

  2. I can’t wait to visit Finland. Great photos. Did you know that Iceland also has no word for ‘please’?
    Well, they kind of do- it’s “vinsamlegast” and used sarcastically. As in….”Would you PLEASE get out of my way!” Saying it is considered pretty rude. It sounds like a swear word anyway, doesn’t it?

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