What To Get Your Loved Ones For Christmas

or whatever the hell reason you want to get your friends presents.

Get people artwork by Steven Archer. Steven, half of Ego Likeness and one of my best friends (and the person who taught me everything I know about making art and electronic music), makes a ton of these little, strange paintings/collages. And since he makes a ton of them, he’s able to sell them for pretty cheap. $30-40 apiece for genuine oil paintings by a pretty amazing artist. He sells them off his Livejournal (and I think his facebook, too, but I don’t do the facebook thing so I’m not sure). Cost includes shipping, and goes directly towards, well, you know, food and such.

That one has an airship.

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  1. I think you would enjoy the facebook “thing”, it has been interconnected so well with he rest of the internet that It’s kinda hard to NOT have one. But, knowing you, you have some reasons to not be on there…

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