More Reading On The G20

Well, first of all, there are apparently 877 police in Pittsburgh, but they’re hoping to field 4000 for the event by calling in troops from all the hell over. Lots of talk about the national guard and the purchasing of less-lethals. Then there’s the Pittsburgh Organizing Group‘s [POG] first general update. This covers a few different consultas and lead-in workshops, as well as some of the organizing principles such as “please don’t show up and alienate everyone by wearing black masks and smashing everything in sight.” This is likely to be a contentious decision.

And here’s some random corporate articles about it (mostly culled from that POG report): a liberal tells us to fuck off and be obedient, another article (which is factually challenged, claiming that NYC held the last RNC for example) talks about how screwed pittsburgh is, since once bought all the less-lethals will stick around. Another editorial (less angry), talks about how all the rocks will be thrown by outsiders. A letter to the editor decries the accusations of us all being jackasses. More defending of us, saying yeah, some windows aren’t as big of a deal as global governance. And here are all the articles by Mike Boda, who appears to actually make some sense.

There is also an interesting article about where the leaders might be staying, which is the nemacolin woodlands resort, 35 miles out of town. Note that this place has private landing strips and helicopter pads.

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